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Play Smart

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Sign up for an account and familiarize yourself with the platform's layout. Choose your favourite players and construct a budget-friendly victorious fantasy team. Observe actual matches, monitor the performances of your players, and earn fantasy points based on their on-field actions. Join leagues, compete against peers, and demonstrate your cricketing expertise.


Tips & Tricks

Your Playbook for Success

Smart Choices

Pick players carefully to get the most fantasy points.

Captaincy Tips

Get more points by choosing a leader who will help you.

Budget Hacks

Choosing smart spending will allow you to balance your team.

Analysis of Match

Data-driven decisions can be made based on historical matches

How To Play

Unleash Sporting Instincts

  • Quick Start

    Sign up and make an account, then join a league that's right for your level of skill. Choose the best players you can afford and put together your dream team.

  • Team Selection

    Analyze each player's performance and pick a fair team. To get the most points, pick a strong leader and vice-captain.

  • Scoring Basics

    Get updates and track your players' performance in real time. Get your team's score by learning how points are awarded.

  • Winning Strategies

    Stay ahead of the game by learning about your opponents. You can increase your winning chances by choosing the best players.

Steps To Sign-In

Join the winning team, sign in today!


Cricket Jargon Unraveled: Get a Sporting Edge

Cricket Terms

Explore essential cricket jargon and enrich your gameplay.

Fantasy Lingo

Master the language of fantasy cricket for strategic success.

Scoring Rules

Understand the points system to optimize your fantasy team

Player Types

Identify different player roles crucial for fantasy team selection.

Match Formats

Learn about diverse cricket formats for fantasy leagues.

Team Strategy

Formulate winning tactics to conquer the fantasy arena.

Your gateway to unparalleled fantasy cricket experiences. Join immediately and reveal your cricketing prowess. Engage, compete, and conquer the world of fantasy cricket today.


A fantasy cricket participant must be at least 18 years old, and financial risks may be involved. Players are advised to play with caution.